Mitch is an artist with a deep passion for craftsmanship and storytelling. He has 10 years of experience working as an artist in games. He is currently an illustrator and concept artist with Wild Blue Studios.

Mitch lives in Eastern Washington with his lovely wife, his adorable son, two cats, and a dog. He loves cerebral hard sci-fi, fantasy, sociology, philosophy, and history.


Wizards of the Coast, Riot Games, Phoenix Labs, Wavedash Games, Seismic Games, Privateer Press, Modiphiuus Entertainment, Onyx Path Publishing, Mechanical Muse, Posthuman Studios, S2 Games, Conceptopolis, Fantasy Flight Games, Present Creative, Supergenius, Wyrd Miniatures, Broken Egg Games, Wonderstorm


2019 Chesley Award - Best Gaming Illustration
2017 Overluk Award - Best Interior Illustration
Article in Kotaku's Fine Art, 2016
Infected By Art, Vol. 5
KKG Artbook, Gamers for Good